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Tyra Banks

"Perfect is boring, human is beautiful." Tyra Banks.

My mission is to make you look and feel beautiful. I'm going to help you all the way. From choosing the perfect outfit to guiding you through posing. Together we’re going to create stunning portraits that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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Gilbert Arizona

Portrait Photography

Marie Feutrier is an award-winning, internationally recognized portrait photographer. Once described as a "hidden jewel in Gilbert", she's gaining the respect of the photography industry. She's specialized in contemporary portraiture, corporate and actor's headshots, family photography and creative fine-art portraits.

She offers a couture experience that centers on the client. Together, we begin with the end in mind and design a plan for your session.

Photoshoots are intimidating for some. Don't worry! Marie will help you prepare and get set. During the pre-consultation, we'll talk about your photography project: what are the photos for, what to wear, professional or personal, where are you going to use these images.

You'll feel ready and confident during the session.

Our contemporary and family sessions are intended for wall portraits. Be gorgeous, glamorous, happy and share a fantastic time with your human or furry family. You'll see the stunning results on 7x10 matted prints.

If you need photos for your business, we offer headshots and personal branding sessions. Your personality is what makes the difference between you and your competition. Show it by building your brand. These sessions can include a headshot for your business cards or your corporate website. We can also show your client what you do and where you work with location and action shots.

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about me
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about me

"Perfect is boring, human is beautiful." Tyra Banks.

My mission is to make you look and feel beautiful. I'm going to help you all the way. From choosing the perfect outfit to guiding you through posing. Together we’re going to create stunning portraits that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Behind the camera

I believe in the power of photography; the ability to send messages that everyone understands in a fraction of second, art to share and memories captured.

A few years ago, my grandmother died. I miss her deeply. I'd love to have more photos of her, but I only have one portrait. It was taken when she was young, the day of her wedding. With all the other images I have of her, she's talking or making a funny face. I don't like those. It's not the beautiful woman I remember.

You might think she wasn't photogenic, I hear that a lot. I use to believe that about me. I wasn't pretty enough to be photographed, I had to lose weight, my nose is too big and my eyes too small.

My mind changed the day I decided to take classes and learn portrait photography. That day, I uncovered a secret: Nobody isn't photogenic.

A camera is a powerful tool and well handled, it can enhance good features and hide what you don't want to be seen. Now, my most profound regret is that my grandmother thought she didn't deserve to have a beautiful portrait of her because she was getting old. For me, her wrinkles shaped the most beautiful face in the world. I'm sharing that story because it's important for me, and I know there are daughters and granddaughters that feel the same.

The perfect time for a taking a portrait is now.

If you don't like your photos, it only proves that you've never been photographed by a professional portrait photographer before. I'm going to capture portraits that you'll be proud to share because I know the magic recipe. There are only three ingredients. Of course the camera, but most importantly the lighting, and You.

Our photography studio is equipped with the top high-end flash manufacturer Broncolor. Why is it so important? Those state of the art strobes create a flawless diffusion of the light. Form a painterly effect for an elegant family photograph to display on a wall to a bright, crisp corporate headshot for your company website, we can create the perfect lighting for your need.

What about You, the model? We believe that time is essential. A photo session at Riemagine Studio will be as long as you need to make you feel comfortable. You don't hire me for my time but for stunning portraits.

Come with your family and your pet -- and we'll make sure you have portraits that will be cherished for generations.

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my clients


Marie took beautiful personal branding shots for my new website. As a costume designer, I am used to being on the other side of the camera, but Marie made me feel so comfortable during our shoot. This shows in my photos, which I believe showcase the best version of me! Marie is a thoughtful listener and came to the table with poses and compositions that reflect my personal brand. I cannot thank Marie enough for her professionalism and creativity. Ashley
Emma Levise
Marie is very professional. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole session. I love her passion and enthusiasm for her work, as well as her bubbly energy! I went in feeling a bit insecure and anxious, and Marie made all those feeling go away! I felt secure and beautiful the whole time! I am so happy with the final pictures; I feel she really captured my essence, who I am!!!Sara
Emma Levise
Marie did a wonderful job with my photography session. She was polite and ensured my comfort and a relaxed environment. The make up and hair part of the session was almost as much fun as the photo shoot. I appreciated Marie's clear directions and her ability to put me at ease. While she offered wonderful ideas for posing, she also asked for my opinions as well. I feel she was able to capture photos that truly depict me and my personality. It was such a positive experience.Julie
Emma Levise
I had so much fun during my photo session with Marie. I hate been in front of the camera but she made me feel like I wanted to be on that spot. My mother in Brazil couldn't believe at the amazing pictures that I sent to her. Marie not only made me happy, she made my whole family feel a little bit closer to me. I can only say thank you (for the chocolates too!).

Eu adorei a minha sessão de fotos com a Marie. Sou avessa a tirar fotos, a Marie me fez sentir como se em fronte da camera fosse meu lugar. Minha mãe no Brasil mal acreditou nas fotos incríveis que eu enviei a ela. A Marie não apenas me fez feliz, ela fez com que toda a minha família matasse um pouquinho da saudade. Posso apenas dizer obrigada (pelos chocolates também). Anne
At Riemagine Studio,

Every Session Includes:

Pre-Shoot Consultation
We'll design the perfect photoshoot for you. We'll talk about what style of portraits you want, what to wear, and how to be ready the day of your shoot.
Professional Hair and Makeup
Every session includes a tailored makeover with a professional hair and makeup artist for that curated look. Plan a night out, you'll be gorgeous.
Your Session with Me
I am here to help you pose beautifully, artistically, and naturally in order to coax out your most flattering self. Experience what it feels like to be a movie star.
Unveiling , Discovering and Choosing
After your shoot, is the most exciting part. Here is where we reveal our creations and you are be able to and choose what you love.
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