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Headshots with Personality

I create impactful and purposeful headshots tailored to stand out, get noticed, and help you market yourself right now.

Portrait of a man in his car and headshot of the same man professionaly done in the studio

Look your best and have an eye catching expression.

With my guidance, you can have a beautiful headshot today.
Of course, being in front of the camera can be intimidating. Everybody is unique, with different features and different personalities. My approach is to find your best angles through posing and coaching. To summarise, I want to create portraits that you’ll be proud to share with the world.


We create a custom look for your portraits, and it’s fun. In fact, we’re making it easy for you. Silly or serious face, we shoot it all. Then, you select the one you like at the end of your photoshoot.

woman answering the phone with 3 different expressions
Headshots Portrait Professional

“Let me just say……AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANKS SO MUCH!!! THIS IS SO GREAT – I CRIED…..”

-Dee, CPA

Marie Feutrier is photographing a model under a big strobe

My slick, modern headshots put the focus on you. More than just a profile picture, it’s how you introduce yourself to people you’ve never met. My job is to figure out what’s attractive about you and to show that side to the world


business headshots

Corporate executive, business casual or brand specific. We design your photoshoot on your needs, so that you portray your brand and your business in the most flattering way.

Business Headshots

actor headshots

Casting agencies want to see your personality.  For that reason, we work together until we have a show-stopping expression. We create stunning portfolios in order to help you show your talent and get noticed.

Actors Headshots

Personal branding, lifestyle

Do you need curated photos for social media?  Do you want to show the environment you work in? We can go on location, to your place, or to a trendy area. Contact me for pricing

outdoor portraits street walk photos

Marie Feutrier, headshot photographer


“Humans can spot a fake smile. My job is to photograph genuine expressions.”

-Marie Feutrier Owner/Photographer

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