we deliver captivating headshots that highlight your professionalism so you gain credibility immediately


we influence your audience.
  • Show that you care  ✓
  • Make new connections ✓
  • Take yourself seriously ✓
  • Reflect your brand ✓
  • Highlight your personality ✓
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A slick, modern headshot put the focus on you. More than just a profile picture, it’s how you present yourself to people you’ve never met.

The challenge in Headshot photography is to get everything on point, including respect the skin tones, no glass frames blocking the eyes, tidy collar, no wrinkled shirt, powerful shoulders, flattering pose, expert lighting, along compelling expression. Every detail makes a significant impact on the final product. Most people won’t notice, but they’ll see you as a confident professional.


I'm a professional headshot photographer located in Gilbert, Az

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Marie Feutrier, professional headshot photographer

Let me tell you the story. I got invested in photography when I was at home with my third child. I was using the Internet to learn and receive feedback. I’ve always loved portraits. As a result, my children became my absolute favorite models.
Later on, after I moved to the U.S.A., I won a bronze award at the Portrait Master Conference 2 years in a row. Following my passion, I decided to specialize in headshot photography. I love how challenging it is. I became a Headshot Crew Protégé.
Today, I’m a successful headshot specialist in Gilbert, Arizona. Moreover, I get to help people build their social presence, network, along with getting interviews.
This is what I do for fun
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For me, it was essential to specialize in headshot photography because I believe in doing little but doing it very well. I want to be the best headshot photographer in Gilbert.

My goal is to help you be proud of your look, confident to show your face. I empower your brand and give you an edge over the competition. Think of Elon Musk, Richard Branson, or Gary Vaynerchuck. They can build a new company, or change their logos. Everybody will still recognize them subsequently because their face is their brand.
The first step is to put your headshot out there. I’m making it easy for you. The only thing you have to do is show up. I’ll coach and guide you. I produce a high-quality multipurpose marketing tool to make you ready to conquer the communication world. My greatest joy is to see my customers exit the studio with their confidence boosted, a smile on their face, and feeling like they’re a few inches taller.
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