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We are a headshot Photography Studio. Conveniently located near Gilbert Downtown,  we're working at the junction of confidence and approachability to create polished and engaging headshots.

business headshots

We provide precise lighting and constant attention to detail because we understand that your portrait will represent yourself and your corporation.

Business Headshot

actor headshots

Capitalize on our no time limit! We work together until we have a show-stopping expression because casting agencies want to see your personality.

In-studio or on location headshots

A slick, modern headshot puts the focus on you.
More than just a profile picture, it’s how you present yourself to people you’ve never met.
The challenge in Headshot photography is to get everything on point.
It includes expert lighting and respecting the skin tones. In addition, the clothing has to be flawless. Shirts and collars are neat, without any wrinkles. Eyeglasses are straight without frames blocking the eyes. Furthermore, a flattering pose, along with a compelling expression, is the icing on the cake.
Every detail makes a significant impact on the final product. Of course, most people won’t notice, but they’ll see you as a confident professional.




Marie Feutrier, headshot photographer


Let me tell you the story. I got invested in photography when I was at home with my third child. I was using the Internet to learn and receive feedback. I’ve always loved portraits. As a result, my children became my absolute favorite models.

Later on, after I moved to the U.S.A., I won a bronze award at the Portrait Master Conference 2 years in a row. Following my passion, I decided to specialize in headshot photography. So I became a Headshot Crew Protégé.

Today, I’m a successful headshot specialist in Gilbert, Arizona. Moreover, I get to help people build their social presence, network, along with getting interviews.

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